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It isn't just about our quiz books - though we do hope you'll buy some of those - but we want to bring you fun right here on our website, to play online or in some cases to print off and enjoy at your leisure offline. If there's any particular sorts of quizzes or activities you'd like to see, get in touch and let us know!

Vocabulary Quiz.png

What is your vocabulary like? This is quite a challenging online multiple choice quiz to see what your wordy knowledge is like. Have a go, see how you do and challenge your friends too.

As well as being fun, hopefully you'll learn some new words while you're at it, and each word has an associated nugget of trivia to read as well!


What is your flag knowledge like? Published at the time of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, this multiple choice quiz tests you on your flags, with 15 multiple choice questions, plus there's facts about each of the countries/territories.


Yeardle is our Guess the Year game. The game will choose a random year and then will give you clues - you've got try and guess the year. You probably won't get it at first, but see how many clues it takes you!

Landmarks Quiz.png

How well do you know your landmarks of the world? Take our multiple choice quiz and find out!

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