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About Quizicle Books

Quizicle Books is a new range of fun quiz books on loads of different topics. There's nothing worse than a quiz book (you know the ones) stuffed full of boring repetitive questions that are impossible to answer, and three quarters of the rounds you skip over because they're of no interest to you. Our main aims are:

  • Themed quizzes - we are working on having a good range of themed quiz books on different topics, so you can choose the type of quiz book you want.

  • Question variety - we want there to be lots of variety of questions in each quiz book, to keep things interesting. These can range from What Links to First Lines, Anagrams to Guess who and lots more besides

  • Challenging but achievable - There's nothing we hate more than round after round of questions where you get a big fat zero. We work hard to get the right balance in our quiz books to stretch the minds of the most knowledgeable but have plenty of questions anyone can have a go at.

As well as our quiz books, we'll periodically be posting free quizzes to have a go at on our website and social media pages.

We're still early on our journey, we've got plenty of interesting quiz books we want to bring out, so join our mailing list so we can keep you up to date with what's going on - you'll get exclusive bonus content, including a free e-book as a thank you when you sign up.

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