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The Ultimate Who, What, Where Quiz Book 

The Ultimate Who, What, Where Quiz Book is a bumper family friendly quiz book, with lots of variety and 75 question rounds to get everyone from the young ones to grandparents entertained. Each round has 12 clues, to either a person, place, thing or a year. Each clue gets progressively easier - the fewest clues you need to guess the right answer the better you've done. Kids love this just as much as adults.

This is perfect for fans of 20 Questions and is a great game in a compact book format, perfect for an evening with family and friends, compact enough to slip in a suitcase when going on holiday, or great for entertaining the kids on a long car journey without a screen in sight!


A mini example of our Who, What, Where quizzes:

You are looking for a person or character-

1. I was born in January 1929
2. I am an activist
3. I am American
4.I was imprisoned 29 times
5. I had a dream
6. I was assassinated

How many clues did you need to guess Martin Luther King Jr.? Well every single one of the quizzes in this books have double the number of clues for you to enjoy - 12 individual clues. Will you need 5, 8 or 12 clues next time?

As well as having fun guessing, you'll learn lots too as each answer also comes with interesting facts and anecdotes about the subject. 

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