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The Ultimate Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids  Book 

This is the ultimate book of riddles, puzzles and brainteasers for smart kids. They will love testing the adults in their life on the riddles in this book, and no doubt come out on top.

The book is set out in a really easy to use format. Most of the riddles are fairly short, with five to a page. Will they challenge themselves with the 'Mega Questions', which are a slightly longer and trickier puzzle.

This book will help kids improve their cognitive thinking, helping them to think laterally outside the box. More than that though, it will train their brain while they have lots of fun!

A brilliant birthday gift for all those kid's parties and a great alternative to screen time. Perfect for the school holidays too!

Here are a few examples:

  • I am a unique place where today comes before yesterday, and so does tomorrow. Where am I?

  • What can you put between 5 and 6 to make a total that is more than 5 but less than 6?

  • What building has the most stories?

Answers are all in the book!


Available in Kindle & Paperback formats.

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