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The Ultimate Family Christmas Puzzle Book

This fun book features so many different types of puzzles. As it is suitable for age 7+ some are easier, and some are more challenging. What can your family manage to achieve? A great way to engage the kids and family members to liven up the Christmas period or for a bit of time
without screens.

There are plenty of puzzles to try out in this interesting and exciting book including:

  • Crosswords

  • Wordsearches

  • Cryptograms

  • Codewords

  • Sudoku

  • Mazes

  • Memory Puzzles

  • Matchstick Puzzles

Plus lots more! Kids and adults alike will enjoy the variety on offer here.

  • All rounds are family friendly, to engage both kids and adults

  • Neat and convenient book - nothing else needed, except a pen

  • 75 puzzles to test your skills

  • Keep the family entertained on car journeys

  • Affordable and interesting

  • Makes a wonderful gift or just a treat for your kids or family


An enjoyable book that kids can work through on their own or with family help. This unique book is set to engage and interest families of all shapes, sizes and ages. A fun book to enjoy at Christmas (although you can use it anytime!) – buy it for yourself, friends or family.

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