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The Curious Book of Fascinating Facts

The Curious Book of Fascinating Facts is out first book that isn't a quiz book or a puzzle book, instead as the name suggests it is a collection of fascinating facts. Fact books usually have one of two problems - either the facts aren't really that interesting, or they might be interesting but don't tell you anything much beyond the bare facts. This book in our opinion is full of not just interesting facts, but downright fascinating ones, we want you to say wow I never knew that. If we've done our job right you'll want to know more, but don't worry because we've got you covered there too as we're giving you the stoy behind the facts, to satisfy your curiosity.

Some things you'll learn in this book include:

  • The mysterious extra bone many of us have in our body

  • The forgotten US Presidents before George Washington

  • The Secret Language of Stamps

  • When Bird Poo was more valuable than gold

and lots, lots more!

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