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The Ultimate Wordsearch Challenge

The Ultimate Wordsearch Challenge is a wordsearch book with a difference. First of all, we've got both standard sized wordsearches with 21 words to find in each, as well as giant wordsearches with 50 words to find. Half of the wordsearches in the book have some mystery words to find which aren't in the word list underneath the puzzle. Can you work them out based on the theme of the puzzle and where in the alphabet they are?

Also in this book is a Bonus Challenge! Scattered throughout the book are 100 secret words, hidden somewhere in the 75 different wordsearch puzzles - there's five categories with 20 words in each. Can you find them all?

Each wordsearch is on a particular theme and to make things more interesting we've included a fact on each page related to that puzzle's theme - so can you can learn something new while you play.

This book ideal for treating yourself or makes a great gift for wordsearch and puzzle fans, and like other books in the Quizicle Books range, gives a little extra over and above standard quiz and puzzle books.

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