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The Ultimate Film Quiz Book 

A bumper family friendly quiz book, with lots of variety and over 500 questions to test everyone from casual viewers to ardent movie fans. Up to date including films released in 2021.

Easy to use, great fun to play, whether testing yourself, playing with family or hosting a zoom quiz. Also makes a great gift.

There's rounds on Harry Potter, James Bond, Marvel and lots more.

Quiz rounds include:

  • Famous Last Lines

  • Decades Quizzes

  • Film Descriptions

  • Find the Links

  • Give Us a Clue

Not too easy and not too hard, this will appeal to every kind of film lover. So, whether you pre-book every film as soon as it is released, or you catch them a few years down the line, this is the quiz book for you.


Available in Kindle & Paperback formats.

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