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Introducing Quizicle Quizzing Guides

Presumably you're here because you like quizzes, right? Although you might do it for a bit of fun, it is a rare person that doesn't also want to do well at quizzes and, well, win! I've noticed that over time the same sorts of topics come up again and again. What's the biggest, fastest, tallest, shortest? What's the scientific name for...? What is the capital of? What element in the periodic table... you get the idea. So I thought it might be fun, as well as writing quizzes, to write a bit about how to do well at quizzes. Hence quizzing guides.

The idea is to pick a topic periodically that has the potential to come up time and again in quizzes, and go through the salient facts and some ways to help you remember them. As well as helping with quizzes, this satisfies that urge to actually know stuff, to learn new things - it gives me a happy feeling whether I learn something new, even more so if I get to share this new found information with others.

As we go through these guides, please do let me know what you think, by getting in touch via the feedback form, or on social media. Oh and if you have any topics you'd like me to cover in a future post, do let me know!


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