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Behind the Scenes with the Couples Quiz Book

The Ultimate Couple’s Quiz book is a quite different quiz book from anything we’ve done before. We wanted to come up with a book that couples like us (and unlike us too!) could enjoy together.

We liked the idea of including quizzes about you and your partner, to get to know each other better, have fun doing it and perhaps even improve your relationship a bit too. Even if you’ve been together for many years, you can always learn a thing or two about your partner’s preferences, opinions, even anecdotes from the past you’ve never heard before. However we didn’t want the book to be just about that, as it could get boring. As with all our books, we aim for variety, so we decided to mix rounds of getting to know each other better with general knowledge trivia rounds (themed around love, relationships and couples), and a few other things too. Here’s just a few examples of what’s in the book:

· Goals – we’ve got several sections on goals, here and now, in the near future and in the longer term, for you to agree on some things together.

· Knowing the Basics – how well do you know the most basic things about your partner – you might be surprised at what you don’t know.

· Top 3… Can you guess what your partner’s top 3 films, TV shows etc. are? Each have a go and see if you get it right.

· Holidays – All about holidays, what your partner likes best, how similar you are, what you differ on, there’s even some prompts to plan new holidays together.

· Write Your Own Love Poem – you might never have thought you could, but you can with the templates in the book – just fill in the blanks!

· Would you rather – classic questions, some serious, some silly. Do you agree with each other?

· Art time – why not have a go at drawing your partner’s portrait?

There’s so much more to do, this is definitely our most varied quiz book so far by a long stretch. The aim is to keep you both interested and having fun throughout.

In writing this quiz book, we wanted to be as inclusive as possible. So whether you’re gay, straight, trans, bi or anything else, this book is for you. We also didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, and wanted it to be good for couples of all ages, so there’s nothing explicit or too intimate in here – there’s lots of open ended questions though in which your answers can be as intimate as you like!

This is available in Kindle as well as paperback format, although it is best in paperback, as there’s lots of space for writing answers, filling in blanks and so on. Hope you enjoy!


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