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Ditch the Plastic & the Air Miles!

I was in a local supermarket at the weekend and as I was perusing the Christmas gift shelves when I saw a selection of what you could call competitor products, but rather than quiz books these are quiz games in a box. Wherever you turn at Christmas you'll see these - I'm sure you've bought something similar for people, or received these as a present. It's not that they're all bad, though lots of them aren't great, but they all share some similar characteristics, can you guess what they are?

Made in China - yes that's right, ALL of them are made in China, and in terms of air miles CO2 emissions etc. must be really bad for the environment. They're all bigger than they need to be too, quite a few with plastic packaging inside the box. Our Quizbooks may come from Amazon, but certainly in the case of UK, USA, Australia, Europe etc. they are all printed locally in your own country, without plastic or other excess packaging.

Almost all of these games, despite often coming in quite big boxes, have less quiz questions than our books, and certainly less variety. There are some good ideas occasionally, but usually with the minimum content they can get away with. One of the games was a Guess the Place quiz game, with 50 cards with clues to a particular place. This is a bit similar to our Who What Where Quiz Book, but less rounds, and only 3 clues per round rather than 12 in our book!

So if you are looking for a bit of quizzing fun with family this Christmas, or looking for that perfect quizzy present, then check out range of books. We couldn't have said this earlier in the year, but now we've got 15 books in the range, there really is something for everyone. Happy quizzing this Christmas!


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