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Hunting Out Errors is Harder Than it Seems!

When you write a good number of books, you might think the errors decrease over time. Alas this is not really true. There can be lots of different ways the errors can get into the books. Here are a few ways and how we try to combat them:


Typos can be easily identified by technology such as Word, unless it is a word in its own right. Type ham instead of dam and it is difficult to see as nothing will flag it up. We reduce these errors by reading out every quiz. It is surprising how many typos creep in and how you can hear they are not right, but not see the mistake.

Wrong Answers

These are the worst. It strikes fear in our hearts when we realise there is an answer error. Where this does happen, we usually pick them up on the read through, but not always. This was once an issue with The Ultimate Christmas Quiz Book - two answers were wrong. We get proof copies of the books and try to erase issues there. If the very odd one slips through, someone usually sends us an email. Then we seek to change them immediately as it affects our customer’s trust in us if we have wrong answers.

Answers Out of Order

It has occasionally happened, that answers end up out of order. Someone looks up the answer to “What colour is a lighthouse traditionally” and the answer is “Boy George”. This is quite obviously wrong. This can happen when answers are moved around. Kate often does this at the end of a round to fit in a page break. Page breaks are not her thing – in fact, she hates them, but they are necessary for Kindle books. Again, we try hard to catch these, but let us know if you spot one and we will change it.

Spacing and Misalignment

We find it difficult with spacing and alignment as something can look OK in Word and then be out on the print copy. By investing in proof copies of the books, we can often avoid these errors. Kate loves looking through monotonous formatting in books and finding errors. The reason is that it means it will not end up in the final version! Much better to find it and fix it in the proof stages than publish it.

Errors might seem like a bad thing, but it is important to find them. Finding an error means that the book is of better quality. This can only be a positive thing for Quizicle Books as one of our key goals is to deliver the best books possible. By identifying an error and then making the change, this makes a book better. We love bringing you great books with an increasing selection of titles on Amazon. They all have Prime delivery and usually ship next day.


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