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Why The Ultimate Family Christmas Puzzle Book is All You Need This Season

The Ultimate Family Christmas Puzzle Book came about in an interesting way. We were looking in a local bookshop, as you do, thinking about something more we could do for Christmas. The Ultimate Christmas Quiz Book is an absolute best seller but is there scope to do more. Well, we could not really find what we were looking for. We want something that will be fun with a bit of challenge for kids 7 plus as well as parents. Yet there is always the intention to create something that can be sold at a reasonable cost that gives us something too. We do not make much on each book, but it is enough for us.

Following the Plan

Firstly, the plans came together over the summer. Yet opportunities for refinement kept showing themselves. This one is a collaboration between Rachel and Kate. Together they represent a great mother and daughter pairing to compare to the public. The thought process is that if they can bring together a great book, then hopefully it will appeal more widely. Books are often a Christmas rarity now. Our feedback that comes again and again is that they appeal to kids that hate reading. The Ultimate Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids book is one such example. The feedback we get is phenomenal. People get in touch months after purchase to say how much the kids enjoy it. We want the same for this.

Not too Much Adulting

This is not going to be the best thing for just adults as some of the aspects are easy. However, that does not mean it isn’t fun. If this is for a younger family, there will be ones where the young members need some help. If there are teens, there are some they will still find a challenge. It is important for us to get a wide range of puzzles. Therefore a book with 20 Sudoku will not be a book with lots of variety. Some types of our puzzles have just one. Lots have 2 or 3 and the odd one has 4. From memory puzzles to dot to dot, crosswords to a bit of Maths, it has everything. Whoever you have this in mind for, they are sure to enjoy the range of activities.

True Support

We are delighted to be supporting Rachel’s fundraising for her Girlguiding trip to Canada with this book. All the profits of each copy sold until Christmas Day goes into her fund. We are so lucky that Quizicle Books can help us support Rachel to have such a brilliant experience. Working on the books and getting such great reviews is something that inspires us. This Christmas puzzle book we hope will be just the same. If we can bring smiles to families on Christmas Day, well that is a pretty admirable thing. If you like the sound of this or one of our other books, look here on Amazon. You can find all of our books available, usually for next day dispatch and with Prime.


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