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Who, What, Where – Why??

So, The Ultimate Who, What, Where Quiz Book, has come about in the most unexpected of ways. This is a family friendly quiz book to keep you guessing. There were a couple of this individual quiz type in our previous books. These are quite a specific type of quiz. You get a list of clues that are to be read in order. Starting with clue one, you see how quickly you can guess the answer. For example, if you got the following clues:

1. I was born in January 1929

2. I am an activist

3. I am American

4. I had a dream

5. I was assassinated

At which one did you realise the person was Martin Luther King Jr? Did you have an inkling at clue two but knew it at clue 4, or did you only get it on clue 5? Well, this is a mini version of our ‘who, what, where’ quizzes, yet it was never meant to be a book at all. It was only when Steve’s dad said he particularly enjoyed this type of quiz and a young lad called Toby whose mum got in touch to say that he really liked these quizzes, did we think it could be an idea in its own right.

So, I decided we were going to go ahead and write the book. Now we usually put the answers on the page after the question, but I decided this wouldn’t work. We are restricted to 110 pages to allow us to sell the books at the price we do. This would have meant there would only be 50 or so quizzes in the book and I didn’t feel this would be good value for money for our customers. So, I decided to do something completely different and have the answers at the back. Of course, this came with its own problem- how could we stop people easily seeing the next answer? Mix them up and have a number for each quiz to explain exactly where in the book the answer can be found. Complicated to arrange but well worth it as it meant that there could now be 75 people/characters/things/places for our customers to enjoy.

The format was another sticking point. In The Ultimate Christmas Quiz Book, they had 8 clues. In The Ultimate Food & Drink Quiz Book they had 15 clues. Which one was better? Well in the end we settled on 12 as being the right number for the book. There are 12 clues for each item to give you lots of opportunity to guess. Of course, the problem with Steve’s dad and Toby is that there is over 70 years in age between them. Toby will probably know who Little Mix are, but Peter won’t. Peter will probably know who Abraham Lincoln is, but Toby probably won’t. We tried to come up with a list of 50 items or more that both ends of the spectrum would know. Then we have a small number of items that it is possible only one end of the spectrum will know, but it is kept limited. Some of the clues are easy, some are hard. Some are clever (we think!), some are true but send you off in the wrong direction.

So, this is a great book for anyone who likes quizzes and likes testing themselves or others. You don’t need anyone else to read this one out to you so can do the quizzes on your own. Equally you can do it with a group of friends, your mum, son, auntie, grandad- anyone, in whatever way you like. You can start at the beginning or go through all the people first or the places first, again it is up to you. Compact and easy to carry around, this is a great book for holidays or travelling or just lying on your sofa!


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